WebYoung – Kate England, Rachel James – Naughty Skippers

WebYoung   Kate England, Rachel James   Naughty SkippersWebYoung   Kate England, Rachel James   Naughty Skippers

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WebYoung   Kate England, Rachel James   Naughty Skippers

WebYoung   Kate England, Rachel James   Naughty Skippers

Rebels Kate England and Rachel James decide to skip class to hang out and take it easy. Rachel has never missed a day of school in her life and immediately regrets her rebellious decision, to hang out with Kate and learn to be cool. Kate’s nonchalant attitude persuades Rachel to relax, telling her if anything they can pretend they are watching an educational video in case Rachel’s parents catch them cutting class. Kate’s plot involves movies, but what she has in mind is far from what Rachel envisioned…

Kate shows Rachel the porn movies she snaked in her bag, Rachel completely against the idea, clueless to any form of lesbian fornication. If her parents found out, she would be in so much trouble, especially if they get caught watching such dirty movies! Kate ensures Rachel that they will not get caught. Watching lesbian porn makes Rachel extremely uncomfortable, although curious and secretly aroused seeing another girl’s boobs. Kate breaks the ice by exposing her perky boobs to Rachel and leans in for a soft kiss, the beginning of a lesbian breakthrough.

Kate invites Rachel to lay back on the couch, opening her virgin legs for Kate’s warm lesbian mouth, Rachel’s eyes rolling back in sapphic pleasure. Rachel’s hips grind back and forth on Kate’s tongue, as she enjoys each lick she feels on her soft pussy. She experiences her first and only ever lesbian orgasm. Kate lures Rachel to return the favor, hoping the lesbian virgin can satisfy her as well as she did. Kate leans over Rachel’s face, as they position themselves in 69, unearthing their ground shifting simultaneous orgasms. Can you imagine what Rachel’s parents would think if they got caught in the act?

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WebYoung   Kate England, Rachel James   Naughty Skippers

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