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SexArt   Alexis Crystal aka Anouk   River

SexArt   Alexis Crystal aka Anouk   River

The atmosphere crackles with sexual tension as Luke Hotrod takes Alexis Crystal on a pleasure cruise in “River.” Alexis starts to flirt as she takes in the sights of Amsterdam, and when they stop to have a drink she makes no secret of her attraction to Luke. They kiss, Luke taking his time to admire Alexis’ athletic figure before she unzips his jeans and pulls out his rapidly stiffening cock. She strokes him slowly and teasingly, then kneels to suck his thick shaft as deep as she can. Luke bends Alexis over the kitchen counter and tugs down her panties, thrusting into her with long, smooth, steady strokes that make her squeal with pleasure. He lifts her onto the counter, eating her pussy until the sensation is almost too much for her to handle; then slides his cock back into her as she braces her lovely long legs against the opposite counter and slams back against him. Alexis takes control, jacking Luke off over her chest and then sucking him clean, leaving him shell-shocked as he contemplates his good fortune.

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Length 24:51
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SexArt   Alexis Crystal aka Anouk   River

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