JamesDeen – Lylith LaVey – Working Out

JamesDeen   Lylith LaVey   Working OutJamesDeen   Lylith LaVey   Working Out

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JamesDeen   Lylith LaVey   Working Out

JamesDeen   Lylith LaVey   Working Out

You know that thing where there’s a hot girl doing leg lifts in your living room and then she lets you fuck her in the ass? Me neither. But it happens in this scene, which is kind of like a documentary. So I’m just going to assume that someone out there can corroborate the hot-girl-workout-anal-sex-living-room story. If that person never comes forward, we at least have James Deen fucking Lylith LaVey in the ass. Really hard… Fuck, she’s got huge boobs and likes rough sex. And her butthole is awesome. I’m going to look into making my own documentary with Lylith LaVey.

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JamesDeen   Lylith LaVey   Working Out

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