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InterracialBlowbang   Nina Elle
InterracialBlowbang   Nina Elle

Got a head ache? Most people take some aspirin. Stressed after a long day at work? Some have a drink after work while others might go to the gym for a workout. When Nina Elle has a bad day, there’s only one "go-to" for her: BBC. When Nina’s had a really shitty day, well…the more BBC the better. She knows right where to go to get them, too. Nina lives close to Dogfart’s new compound, and today’s she’s hit pay dirt. She drives up, and right in the middle of a hoops game, Nina struts her stuff. She’s all slutted-up, causing our crew to literally freeze. Soon, it’s shifted from a basketball game to a full-blown, ten-man blow bang, and trust me when i tell you this: Nina’s going to win. Or will our crew?! Maybe it’s a win/win for everyone!

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Length 26:03
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InterracialBlowbang   Nina Elle

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