CzechCouples – Episode 22

CzechCouples   Episode 22CzechCouples   Episode 22″ scrolling=no frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>


CzechCouples   Episode 22
CzechCouples   Episode 22

This is our hottest summer memory. You won’t believe what happened in a beach bar where I went with my wife. Two sexy twins were working as waitresses there!!! They were commando! I could see on the first sight they were real sluts. I just waved a bunch of banknotes in front of their faces and they were ours! They were like fata morgana! I was fucking three hot sluts right by the bar. Only thirsty guests were disturbing our romantic fucking spree. One of the twins peed herself with pleasure!!! Right on her sister’s buttocks! And she licked off my cum from the floor! This investment was totally worth it!

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CzechCouples   Episode 22

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