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CumdrinkingWife   Slutwife Marion   XPosed Adult Theater
CumdrinkingWife   Slutwife Marion   XPosed Adult Theater

We have added the photos from this hot day at the theater, which was taped in February 2016, earlier this week, now here is the corresponding movie. Like I said, this was right after the gloryhole cocksucking session. I left the booth and cruised the dark floors until I had found a nice cinema room where I actually intended to relax. You can see me cruising from the booth to the cinema at the start of the video. But of course my naughty walk through the theater attracted some attention. As usual I was the only woman at this theater, beside me there were only guys crawling through the floors, strangers I had never seen before. A few of them followed me to the cinema room. My husband wanted to close and lock up the door of the room, but I suggested to leave the door open. I sat down on a couch, right in front of the cinema screen. It didn’t take long until one of the followers fucked me, he had put on a mask my husband had given him. Now while our cam was recording the smut, some masked guys were taking turns at me. In this movie you can see me getting fucked several times, I’m swallowing a thick load and get two more creampies. I just love to be a theater slut!

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CumdrinkingWife   Slutwife Marion   XPosed Adult Theater

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